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Welcome to ARC Levers

Welcome to ARC Levers online store.

Home of the worlds' first folding/adjustable clutch and brake levers.

Now available in aluminum and truly unbreakable Memlon composite, another worlds' first.

  • aluminum levers 64.95 (atv 74.95), lifetime warranty
  • composite levers 69.95 (atv 79.95), lifetime warranty-this is really pointless since you will never break these levers
  • perches 119.95 to 184.95, add $5 for composite lever, lifetime warranty

Take a  look at your bikes brand page for more detail. Thanks for considering ARC to be your lever company.

MEMLON MOMENT ENSURES TAYLOR ROBERT VICTORY AT X-GAMES ENDURO-X MUNICH! (Whatch his right brake lever bend and retract in slow-mo...)

Monster Energy Kawasaki's Taylor Robert fought his way into the lead at the X-Games Enduro-X in Munich, and crashed on his lever on the last lap. Check out the slow-mo footage and see how his lever bends away, and pops back into place, securing his bid for X-Games Gold. Even if he bent the lever, he could just bend it back to original shape and ride it to victory. ARC Memlon - the ONLY unbreakable levers on the market.

It is good when the rider running the #1 plate is using your gear. Ryan has been using ARC levers since he was about 10. I saw him and Mike Alessi going at it in the mini ranks and knew I had to get some gear on his bike. Now if you win you get a huge check. Back then I sent him a water balloon launcher. It went over big at Lorettas' since you need something to do between motos. This #1 is the first of four out of five championships in 2012 for ARC supported riders.

Blake Baggett was tearing it up in the outdoors this year. It didn’t matter where he was on the gate or position after the first turn. He is in his zone with fitness, skills and the bike is ready to handle anything a track or opponents can throw at him.

We are proud to be the lever supplier to PRO-CIRCUIT with Blake being one of the guys sporting the brand. Our gear does not really help him win. He uses the clutch on the start and then only uses the throttle.

This short video shows that our COMPOSITE LEVERS can take a lot of abuse without any noticeable damage. The brake lever gets mashed into the ground with no issues, Blake just picks the bike up and is concerned about the stalled engine instead of having to take time to straighten his jacked levers.

Blake chose the #4 to run as his new permanenet number. The low digit is what all riders strive for, simbolizing a championship. This is number four of four out of five championships for ARC in 2012.

It took over ten years to finally get to work with the guys at PRO CIRCUIT. Mitch is a tough customer when it involves his bikes or riders. He wants to win races and only the best will get you there. When you have something that works well it is difficult to find a reason to change. The riders at P-C are good and rarely go down so levers are low on the "things to fix" list. We finally wore 'em down.

Over the years our gear just kept getting better and when i did the demo with our new composite levers, we were on the team. We sponsor many teams and riders. Some use aluminum levers, some use composite with a mix of different materials for brake and clutch. PRO CIRCUIT is one of the first teams to go composite exclusively. If you caught the 250 SX race at Seattle, there was the collision between Dean Wilson and Eli Tomac that was crazy.



Dean Wilson and Eli Tomac were really close in the 250W title chase. Dean pushed Eli into the tuf blocks at least three times in the main. After the last "bump" Eli had a plan that Dean would soon not be happy about. Check out the above video. Dean went down in dramatic fashion. The footage on youtube shows that he could not have gone down any harder on the front brake lever and still rode away. If you look close you can see he just picked up the bike and rode away with ZERO lever issues. Try the same on your own bike with aluminum levers and see what results you get.


Justin Barcia wrapped up the 250E a while ago. It was cool to see the #1 on the plate with our ARC gear. This is third of four out of five  #1 plates for 2012.

Eli Tomac just won the 250W this year so they were applying the new graphics at Vegas. It has been a long road to get here. ARC products are now the number one choice for the top riders. This is second of four out of five #1 plates for 2012.

In addition to supporting the class winners this year, we also sponsor most of the other teams and riders. Here is a shot looking down the Vegas lineup at Star-Valli Yamaha. Most of my riding career i have been on Yamahas. Now it puts a smile on my face to see them running our gear.


ARC RC-8 Composite Levers MXA Team Tested
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